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hwade17 (Review on" ... Dante Moore is an African-American writer with an articulate, forthright and fantastically unwitting revelatory style. This guy doesn't just write from the heart, most of the time he appears to write directly from his stream of consciousness. And the result is top quality entertainment. TV producers, this man is a potential star. Really. He's crying out for his own daytime show in which each week he can harangue guest chicks on why they need to lose weight, ditch some of that attitude, put out and shut up. On cable, obviously. "


J. Reyes (Email to the Re-Educator):"... I just wanted to thank you for writing your book( The Re-Education of the female)... it took me about a year and my relationship to buy it, but I'm glad to say that this book has help me regain my relationship with my man back. I was ... getting advice from all the wrong people, I needed a change and your book was a perfect guide to get me on the right path, to start over [with] my man. ... I am in a relationship with an African-American man and your book made me open my eyes and truly see what I was doing wrong and I was able to fix it in time. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to regain my man and make him happy... P.S: I look forward to your next book."


Anonymous (Review on" This book is very candid and raw (I had to mentally substitute some of the words). This book confirmed everything that I believed to be true about men and disspelled all of the myths that I also believed about men and myself. If this book was available 2 years ago, I would have been able to save a relationship that I had with who I thought was a 'good man.' I'm the female that The Re-Educator describes as the female who will dismiss a guy because he hasn't achieved the level of success that she has. Well you live and learn and I am glad that The Re-Educator wrote this book. This is a must read for any woman that wants to establish a relationship with a black man. And I say black man because this book is written from the mind of a black man. In reality, every race has a different mentality. Good Job Re-Educator! "


B. White (Email to the Re-Educator):" Bruh I am 22 years old but my understanding and comprehension is far past my years... I love what you speak about in your book. You give a straight mans views in all aspects. Keep writing brotha. "


Dashawn (Email to the Re-Educator):" I would like to thank you for keeping it real, most woman cant handle the truth & my cousin Nicole(Single), who is the original owner of your book is completely against everything you written. And what's sad is, she never actually read the damn thing...I found your book quite interesting ... and even got a couple of pointers!! ... I'm already getting the word out!! Hope you have more books to follow, cuz these nuthin bitches now days "need" sumthin!! "


Melody (Email to the Re-Educator):"Thank you so much for writing this book. I heard you on Q100 this morning and wish I could've gotten my call in to support it"


Metro Woman (Email to the Re-Educator):"...I found your advice about going out without a pack of wolves (paraphrasing) very useful. I went out alone Friday night and found an equally foxy tag team chick as well as exhanged numbers with 4 guys. That has never happened before. Reeducation activated!"


Bernice (Email to the Re-Educator):"...I'm in love with your book...after I saw you on the morning show (Mike & Juliet) I ordered your book right away...and now I have just placed an order for six women I know who really need the knowledge...I am 35 years old... and I have never read a book with sooo much hard core truth in it for Black women and all women... the truth hurts but if it's really the Truth that they seek, then they will read all of your book cover to cover... it's just that deep. "


Karyn (Email to the Re-Educator):"Well done! Just saw you on the Morning Show over here in Oz. Thanks for sharing your point of view..."


Constanze (Email to the Re-Educator): "...I'm sure you're busy with the ladies :) but I wanted to add that I think you're hot as hell! live too far away [from me]...but it can't hurt to fantasize...I bet you get a lot of flack from all the misinformed morons.  I agree with everything you wrote--spread the word---you're a beautiful person!"


C.A. (Email to the Re-Educator): "I just read your book and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!  Finally someone tells the truth!!! Thank you"


ROB LEE (Email to the Re-Educator): "man i just wanted to tell you i really enjoyed your book and i will recommend that every woman i know read your book before they decided to get in a relationship i have been telling women those same facts for years felt like you picked my brain VERY GOOD WORK AND GOD BLESS"

Tanisha (Email to the Re-Educator): "...I have purchased your book, and I read the whole thing in one day. I don't know what drew me to your book, but I'm glad it did. I was fascinated with the content and the message that was delivered. I am an open-minded female, so reading a "PSA" on what females assume is true, has brought some light my way. I, too, have made the same conclusions about men... to the point where I have more male friends then I would like to have. Your book let me know that what I was thinking, someone else thought the same. I wish you the best of luck. I hope that your career takes off for more things to come..."


aNN Brown (Rawsistaz™ Reviewers): "Deal or No Deal : Dante Moore says he is keeping it real, and delivering the all-out truth about men and women engaging in conversations, relationships, affairs, and sexual encounters. I will admit the book is candid and direct, and at times painfully enlightening as he shares intimate details about what men look for physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. But, some of the commentary seems a bit biased and unfounded as he shares what men actually witness, experience and, his word, 'tolerate'! Readers will need a mature, open-mind to appreciate the point of view presented in this re-education. This is probably a good starting point for women to evaluate themselves, before complaining as to why they can't find a "good man." But, it is an excellent starting point for men to determine if they are as superficial as the book depicts, and if it is a good image. I'll give Moore points that he had the nerve to write with a no-holds-barred approach, but I must share that at times this male's point of view read like a domineering ultimatum. To me, it said when it comes to the male psyche, it is what it is, deal with it or else... THE RE-EDUCATION OF THE FEMALE pointed out some interesting negative traits, which were camouflaged with a positive testosterone-laden voice. There may be cause for the female to be re-educated, but Moore sure as heck made me acutely aware that 'someone' needs to be educated. I do not doubt the validity of his message, but I was taken aback that I was suppose to swallow all of it and like it. All and all it is [a] book I'm glad I read."

Nekiya (Email to the Re-Educator): "Praise for The Re-Educaton: I just finished reading your book! At first I wasn't sure what to expect but once I engaged in the content, I could NOT put the book down. It was a definite page turner and the advice you gave was for lack of a better phrase "REAL TALK". Thank you for such a candid and accurate view into the male psyhe and way of thinking. I'm going to recommend this book to every female I know. I hope to see more work from you in the future."


Ki (Email to the Re-Educator): "Hi there! I just finish reading your book, and I can honestly say... that is very informative. Although, you were cursing me out in the beginning... calling me all kinds of B***hes. LOL. I started reading it in Barnes and Noble and was skeptical of purchasing it, but by the time I got to page 37... it sold itself. lol. Any hoo, not that you need my approval, but it was well worth the purchase."


Kamah Scott (Review on ): "SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS, JUST A LITTLE: I had the opportunity to read this book and interview the author, interviewing the author in the latter. I found the book insightful and honest. I did not agree with many of the points on religion but the social aspect of what Mr. Moore is saying is definitely on point. So many women listen to their bitter aunts and mothers and sometimes grandmothers that they are not sure what it takes to get a man, keep a man or know when to leave a man. Mr. Moore is giving women his uncut un-brotherly love advice. He embodies the man that did you wrong, the man that loved you the most and the sneaky bastard that cheated on you. Mr. Moore gives it to you straight no chaser with his depictions that come off as harsh and insensitive at times. Truthfully, if any woman was a fly on the wall and could speak to male on a no holds barred honest level, they would get some of the same conversation that Mr. Moore has done. We do not have to sneak and hide in the barbershop closet to get the low-down on what some men, if not most, even the nice ones think. It's right here in this book."

Jenice Armstrong (Philadelphia Daily News): "...The moment I saw the title, I should have suspected what I was in for. ... "

Heather Covington (Author & Entertainment Journalist): "...Hypnotic and very frank, Dante Moore, author of The Re-education of the Female gives a matriculated and intimate course on women’s issues that clearly will stir debate. Open-minded, yet opinionated and brutally honest, he tells black women how to keep a black man.  There are plenty of good black men out there, but Dante Moore points the finger at the Black female who may be searching for the wrong man. He also, shares why some black men don’t want to be with some black women. His reasons will amaze you."


Tracey Ricks Foster (Editorial director of African American Literary Review): "..."The Re-Education of the Female" has some golden nuggets of insight...  "The Re-Education of the Female" and its' author Dante Moore will ride the crest of notoriety and public interest…"


O.O.S.A (OOSA Online Book Club): "..."The Re-Education of the Female"by Dante Moore is definitely a hilarious read. This is one of the funniest books I've read this year!"


C.A. Webb (Rawsistaz Literary Group): "...It will go down as one of the most talked about, controversial books of 2008—and the author’s name, Dante Moore, will be on the lips of many, for both the good and bad."

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