The Re-Reducation of the Female

The Book that Every Man Should Own, and Every Woman Should Read

The Re-education of the Female book coverFinally a male point of view; usually when it comes to breaking down relationships between men and women you hear advice from over the hill psychologists or unqualified doctors but not the average male, and never a masculine brother with any kind of urban flavor. This manuscript changes that. For years, women have been the more communicative gender. Now women will have an idea of what the men in their lives may be thinking; and in some cases, why he thinks a certain way. From now on women will have insight on some of the actions and behaviors portrayed by men, which once may have been deemed judgmental, insensitive, or just plain rude. The author has depicted the male psyche from many different angles on how a man not only perceives women, but relates and responds to them as well.

It’s written in black and white, with a no holds barred approach. Forcing women to take a step back and think a moment before engaging in conversations, relationships, affairs, sexual encounters, etc. with the opposite sex. Keeping it real and delivering the all out truth was no doubt the main focus of the author in writing this piece and ultimately should be respected for just that reason if nothing else. Although candid and direct, this book will prove to be very enlightening as it gives intimate detail on what men are looking for physically, mentally, socially and emotionally vs. what they’re actually witnessing, experiencing and in some cases, tolerating.

A mature and open-minded intellect will really understand and appreciate this representation of the male point of view. This book is the perfect starting point for women to evaluate themselves with a little more detail, before pointing fingers and tossing blame at the endless reasons surrounding why they can’t find a “good man”.

Do the right thing, and purchase this must-have book.